Kingdom Con – Day 1 – Highlander

Drove all night. Made it to San Diego around 1:30.

Built my list for today’s “Highlander” tournament. List can only have one unit and one solo.

Far departure from my normal grunt heavy list, but came up with this:

-Beast 09
Max winterguard
-officer & standard
-3 rocketeers
Kovnik Joseph

We’ll see how it plays.

On the bench – Strakhov


Got Viktor Strakhov’s base drilled and pins matched up. He sits on eCaine’s base nicely.
Once the green stuff is dry he’ll be primed and painted. This is my entry for the FLGS painting competition, so I thought a special base was warranted.

Widowmaker – Test Model

Got the first Widowmaker done. Pretty happy with the way he turned out, so now to start on the next 3.

(click for bigger pics)

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